Place Concepts Commercial manufacture and supply the acrilo products in good faith. The product will fit to your sofa arm with a tolerance of 3mm (+ or -) of any given dimension. This is due to variations of cast acrylic material and general manufacturing processors. If your acrilo sofa trays are outside these tolerances (from your given dimensions under custom trays or from the product list) either a credit or re-supply within the suggested tolerance can be arranged. The acrilo trays must be returned to Place Concepts Commercial to verify dimensions at customers expense. If the trays are outside the stated tolerances the freight cost will be credited upon clarification of dimensions (a copy of the freight receipt will be required). We are unable to credit trays ordered for rounded , very soft pillow style and or angled sofa arms under ‘Custom Trays’ as they are not recommended for this product. (Please refer to the web site with illustrations advising appropriate sofa arm types under custom trays)

Terms & Conditions
If your trays are damaged or broken upon delivery, you will need to advise us within 24 hours of the delivery date for replacement. Please forward your details via our web site ‘enquiry form’ and we will advise the appropriate action. All products are prone to scratching/marking and we advise that it is in your best interest to care for the trays by not sliding plates/glasses/mugs/cups on the trays to reduce damage. All materials scratch and prevention is the best cure.
We provide a care & maintenance slip with your trays to advise you how maintain and treat your acrilo trays. Please read carefully and keep for future reference. This is also on our web site.